Takin' time to make a friend. A Christmas wish for "Haji" (must be a generic term applied to the enemy)
Suited up and ready for action. Christmas in a war-zone is a real dichotomy sometimes. . . .
Never be bought. . .Never be sold. . . . Hopefully it's the last Christmas away for all our troops.
Loaded for bear. . .or terrorists Troops are always uncovering caches of weapons.  Here are some old-time hand grenades, still just as deadly as the day they were made.
Ready to mount up and go on patrol. Holdin' an old AK47.
Taking a well-deserved break from the heat and the stress. Jason and the guys with some really old WW I or WW II-vintage rifles.
Thank goodness for the goggles! Brandishing a made-in-China automatic;
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