God go with you Jason, and "THANKS" for your service and sacrifice for a free Afghanistan and a free America.   I appreciate what you're doing and . . . by the way: "Get some" for this ol' Navy CTI!!

Typical public market . . . it's not that much different from those I saw in Guatemala and El Salvador Making friends with a "local" in the marketplace.
Jason touching the merchandise. Troops getting ready to jump into action.
Jason standing guard duty. . .the most boring of duties, unless there's an attack on the compound. Looks like an M60 -- throws a lota lead real fast at the enemy!
An eerie night sky. . . . Soldiers' barracks. . .notice the air conditioners trying to keep the Afghan heat down to a low boil inside those canvas tents.
Hitting the rack for some well-deserved rest. It sure ain't Charmin . . . notice the "bumpy" surface, ensuring a "non-soft 'n non-smooth" wiping experience.
A country estate? It looks like adobe construction to me -- it works just fine in Mexico with its dry climate -- and it lasts almost forever in dry climes. All the children of the world are cute and cuddly -- no matter the culture
For those fortunate enough to have a propane stove to cook on, here's where they get their gas. At the crossroads of time with respect to transportation: the old "meets" the new. . . .
Not everyone has money enough for motorized transport. This is as close as you ever want to get to one of these smelly, evil-tempered, biting and spitting animals.

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